Healing Sessions

Energy Healing Sessions are available in my therapy room located on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia.  If you are located anywhere else in the world, Skype sessions with remote energy work can be used, and are equally as powerful.  When you are working in the realm of energy, space and time is a non issue :). For Skype sessions please make sure prior to the appointment that all video and audio is working correctly so that we are able to use every moment of the session for you and your development. 

The general layout of a session is as follows: (but is subject to change depending on the individual requirements of the client).

Before the session

  • Remote viewing is used to access your energy field.  During this time I am able to see inside your field and receive feelings, images, and guidance relating to your energy.  
  • This includes viewing any beliefs that are directly holding you back from reaching your potential, usually specific events can be seen, or the creation story of that belief system.  I can see what is happening in your field and where you are losing energy and where it is not flowing smoothly.  
  • With your permission, I then look inside your body (body scan) and view any places in your body where the energy is not flowing optimally.  Your body is a reflection of your subconscious and viewing the energy centers gives a good indication of what is going on with your life.    
  • While I am remote viewing before our appointment, I also am open to seeing any past loved ones or others who wish to pass on messages to you.  
  • This is all done the day before our scheduled appointment and takes between 1 to 2 hrs to receive all the possible information that we will work on in the session.  
  • Quite often the healing starts the day that I tune into your energy.

During the scheduled appointment

  • We may at this stage work with replacing some of your belief systems, rewiring your nervous system and creating new connections in your brain and body.
  • Following this we re-align you with your true nature, giving your inner self an opportunity to be expressed.  Emotions, trauma and belief systems can be held in different parts of the body, so we work together to give the masculine and feminine aspects a voice.  I have found that working with the energy centres of the body (Chakras) the most fundamental and the quickest way to release and create change.  Then we download the Creators perfect blueprint which allows the energy centre to return to optimal functioning, affecting all aspects of the physical and non physical body.
  • Hypnotherapy and timeline therapy is used to adjust pivotal childhood experiences, altering your subconscious, and rewiring your perceptions.  – Inner child work many also include accessing important past lives (current lives) that are syncing with or affecting current experiences. 
  • You have the opportunity to channel your own organs or energy centres and find Divine and profound self-love as your masculine and feminine aspects are reunited and integrated as one whole flowing, dynamic being.  
  • These are wonderful tools to assist you to understand your subconscious and help you to build the relationship between you and you, between the masculine and feminine aspects of yourself and the physical, and mental with the spiritual. Additionally, during this time we are able to get to the secondary gain you have for your feelings, behaviours, and life creations.  Shining a bright light on your subconscious.
  • Personalised affirmations are developed based on the work we do together, which are given as homework to maintain your new conscious awareness and the integration or melding of you with your higher consciousness.
Currently, there is a 18-month wait for appointments, and full payment is required before a booking can be made.  I do appreciate your patience.  Please send me an email on the contact page letting me know where you live in the world and an appointment will be made for you.

The standard fee for the appointment is $500 AUD.  Sessions run for approximately 3 hours.


I absolutely love working with people in this way as it bypasses the mind/ego, gets right into the subconscious and to the heart of issues and helps you to move forward with your life.

I feel so blessed to be able to do this work and I am grateful for your openness during sessions.

 I am committed to your development and support your dreams.

Energy Therapy with Jess

Two More Awesome Practitioners

Due to the extremely long wait period, I would like to offer you the services of 2 profoundly wonderful practitioners that I have personally been working with over the last 6 months – Elizabeth Lara and Simone Peel.

Elizabeth Lara

Due to the extremely long wait period, I would like to offer you the services of another profoundly wonderful practitioner Elizabeth Lara. Elizabeth is an exceptional energy healer, she is able to see and feel energy and can work with it to heal and transform clients. She will be trained in the same modalities as me, using the same processes to transform energy and integrate the masculine and feminine aspects to experience profound self love and acceptance. Elizabeth is also in the process of completing a counselling degree. I will be working along side Elizabeth and sharing the inner workings of the healing practise so that clients will receive the same benefits from her sessions.

She is a beautiful and Divine human being with a massive heart and many unique gifts and talents, in the realms of manifestation, breaking down blocks, clearing beliefs, and feelings from the field and aligning you with your truth.  

Energy Therapy with Elizabeth

Simone Peel

Simone started her journey in life feeling very connected to the Creator Of All That Is. At the age of 16 years old, however, she stopped listening to her guidance and started doing what she thought she was supposed to do.   This led her to start her first business at 18 years old! Having always had a passion for learning, Simone has continually learned new things and studied, including having qualifications in Business, Management, and Financial Planning. She has been in teaching and training for more than 13 years, has worked in Systems Development for companies worth more than $50million, has run her own businesses since she was 17years old, and has worked in online business since 2013.  

After a long period of self-sacrifice and working extremely hard, Simone knew it was time to slow down and breathe. This journey has led her to commit to a daily meditation practice, which she loves. Complete courses in Reiki, Body Talk, Theta Healing, and Genome Healing.  And reconnect with herself and the world of energy the way she did as a child.  

 This exciting life journey has now shown Simone that it is time to help others to achieve a life they are passionate about. With interests in Business and Finance, Health and Fitness, Music and Dance, and all things energy. Simone’s passion is to help business owners and entrepreneurs take their own life to the next level. Whether that be through improving their bottom line, finding their passion, or creating work-life balance. Simone wants to work on an energetic level to create lasting changes for those people ready to take their own life to the next level. 

Energy Therapy with Simone

We are now taking bookings for energy healings with the girls, and their appointments will commence in November. A session with Elizabeth or Simone is $250AUD for 2hrs. Please send me an email on the contact page if you would like to make a booking. Once an appointment has been made the PayPal link above for $250AUD can be used to pay for the session.

Who Can Be Assisted In Healings ?

We can work with individuals to assist in physical ailments, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues.

Anyone who has a desire to be in alignment with who they truly are and who wish to get closer to what they desire in life.  This may be finding the soul mate of their dreams, a fulfilling and purposeful job or business, greater physical, mental or emotional health, abundance or healing wounds from the past.

This is especially so for anyone aware of a belief system or thought that is holding them back but need help to unlock an alternative.

Especially those who are willing to take responsibility for their creative control in life and wish for greater happiness to prevail.

We can also work on animals or children through willing surrogates (e.g. a mother sits in place of a child with autism, or a loving pet owner can sit in place of their beloved sick animal).

All that is required is for you to have an open mind and heart.


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