A Few Words

I have grown up with a strong awareness of Source and have always been very sensitive to energy.  Through awareness, I could see, hear and feel inner guidance, nature and Spirit.  As a young child, my mother had regular meditation groups and I always wanted to learn and know more and practiced whenever I could.  I started meditating when I was 10 and was fascinated by spiritual concepts and self development.  Even as a young girl I knew there where beliefs I had that were not serving me and set about educating myself to change them by reading spiritual and self development literature from the ripe age of 11.

I stepped away from all the “spiritual stuff” for a number of years between 14 and 19 realizing that not everyone could see or hear what I could, and felt that I needed to live a successful life without all that ‘mumbo jumbo’.   I completed a double degree in psychology at the University of Queensland and along the way acquired counseling certificates and completed various alternative therapy courses.  

I also felt that I needed to be firmly in the physical if I was going to be a good mother, employee, and partner.  This did not work.   What began as a little whisper developed into a roar from my heart that wanted to be expressed.  I soon discovered that when I gave time to my inner self first, quieted my mind and listened regularly (not just 20 minutes once every week or two), then following my heart, that EVERYTHING in my life including raising 2 beautiful children and working, all became easier and more enjoyable. I discovered that I had a choice.  I could continue to feel sick and tired, pushing my truth aside and living in a dull state of melancholy and apathy, but with a big smile on my face for everyone else to see.  Or I could say yes to myself and what I really felt inside.  Giving expression to my deepest Heart/Soul’s desires, cleaning up my thoughts and feelings to align with what I really wanted instead of some societal habit from times past and really live my life as the being I came here to be.  An ever unfolding adventure 🙂

Therefore expressing truth and alignment between my thoughts, feelings and actions, instead of what I was conditioned to think, feel and believe.  Then there was joy.  Joy for being like I have never felt before.  A wholeness and loving acceptance for myself and others. Wonder and awe for all of life and love for the adventure, the journey we are all on.  

I found that when I was in alignment, profound manifestations materialized very quickly. The things I had merely dreamt about in the past but not necessarily believed as being possible for me were now quickly forming in my reality. I was doing the inner work, believing in unlimited possibilities, and giving action to the things I was inspired to do, and my life changed dramatically.

So, here we are. When requested to do so, I can hear Source or guidance, see people’s vibrational energy bodies, and feel where blockages exist in the physical body.  Through alternative therapy’s studied, such as Orion Theta Healing and Genome Healing,  I have many tools to help move the physical, emotional, or mental energy blockages out and align clients so that they may be able to move through any issue with ease.

  I am a firm believer in the power of our minds and feelings to create our life and know through experience that the Law of Attraction is real and available for everyone.  However, sometimes we are so far away from our true nature and unaware of our vibrational frequency that we are not privy to the underlying beliefs playing out in our lives. 

Therefore, how we are responsible for what we are attracting.  This is where meditation is crucial to opening conscious awareness of self and beyond to the one, unified consciousness, we are all apart of.  In meditating regularly, you become more conscious of your thoughts and aware of your feelings making change and growth more available.

I can help those who are ready, to go beyond, to the core of your vibration and to access the true inner self, moving through the unconscious aspects allowing acknowledgment of the inner masculine and feminine, resolving disconnection, and bringing in the Creators Perfect Blueprint for optimal functioning.

My ultimate aim is to help others become aware of their inner self and their deepest truth so they can heal themselves and follow their own good feelings to total bliss.