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Many of us are searching for the same thing. We want a deeper sense of meaning and purpose, we are looking for joy, wholeness, love, and freedom and try to find things in the outside world that fulfil these desires within us. 

We are looking to grow and love ourselves, to express ourselves in the world, and live with abundance and flow. All that you desire needs to be found within you before it can materialize in our 3D world as people, places, things, and experiences.

This is a fundamental truth of the workings of the universe and our connection to it.

Your journey of expanding consciousness and increasing feelings of love and appreciation for yourself will start an avalanche of external joys. The release of old dysfunctional beliefs about yourself and the world will open new doors to integration, acceptance, support, and love with you. Your abundance will flow from an inspired heart. Your relationships will transform and flourish, your potential will unfold right before your eyes, and you will experience outstanding feelings of joy and love for yourself, others, and your life. 

But the inner work must be done.

Quantum physics has now proven that your thoughts and feelings create the world around you, and your attention and focus determines your life. You have the power to create, it is your responsibility, and it is time we start to use it to co-create magnificent lives we were born to live.

‘Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion’. Rumi

Energy Healing

Sometimes we need a little help to release the resistance that is stopping us from being in true alignment with who we really are. We can be blocked by established beliefs that are not helpful, or be simply stuck in feeling bad. Let’s discover what is really going on in your energetic body, your physical body and your emotional body, by seeing your true vibration.

We can increase your alignment with who you truly are. As the wise Abraham channeled through Esther Hicks says, ”let’s grow and learn through joy and happiness, we don’t need tragedy, emotional or mental pain anymore”… We have evolved enough now to understand that we are the creators of our reality. So if you are ready to move forward, to listen to your inner self and be the true conscious creator of your world, then now is the time.

Let’s take this journey from sickness to health, from not enough of what you want to plenty of what you want. From where you are now to where you want to be.

Enjoy the journey you are on by being conscious of your true nature and the big picture. Life and the universe is always supporting and assisting you 🙂

BENEFITS of Healing

Increase life force energy

Energy & Vitality

Energy healing has the potential to increase your energy and vitality by cleaning and clearing your aura and your inner energetic body. Wiping away negative energy, removing blocks and dark spots built up in your system, that have developed through trauma and negative belief patterns or events.

Overcome depression and anxiety

Emotional & Mental

Increase feelings of empowerment and balance by understanding your thoughts and emotions and receiving new patters that will assist in creating new experiences and more joyful feelings.

Boost health and increase immunity

Health & Immunity

Access the power of your body to heal and regenerate. Talk directly to the smart body, acknowledge feelings held within organs and areas of concern. Heal trauma held in systems of the body.

Reduce stress and emotional disturbances

Stress Relief

Access stronger connection with your soul, assisting in reducing stress and association with your outer environment. Awakening emotional awareness of your divine nature. Find inner stillness, peace and space.

Help to recover from surgery and illness

Surgery & Illness

Assist your body to heal and recover from surgery and illness. Energetically you are whole and complete, always connected and receiving. Energy healing can help you to feel this again, with balancing masculine and famine energy's and acknowledging the body and moving forward .

Heal Your Relationships, Past Present and Future

Past & Family

Energy healing can access and resolve past lives and relationship patterns that are still playing out in your life today. Resolve family relationships now, to access emotional freedom. Access your inner child, ancestors and create positive, uplifting future relationships.

Help heal the little one in your life.

Surrogate for Children

Heal children by surrogating for them. This can be beneficial for children who have experienced trauma, who have illnesses or forms of autism, anxiety or depression. Open parents and grandparents can surrogate for children and grandchildren.

Access and change patterns around money, love, career.

Abundance & Love

Energy therapy can work with your abundance mindset, access and change patterns of belief that are holding you back from fully receiving in all areas of your life.

Reignite your life, your passions and purpose

Purpose & Passion

Energy healing can reignite your purpose and passion for life. It can help you to find yourself again and assist you with the strength, understanding and thinking to achieve your goals and desires.

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